What Are Some Popular Dishes in Mexico?


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Tacos, tostadas, chilaquiles, elote and enchiladas are among the most popular Mexican dishes. Other popular Mexican foods include guacamole, mole, tamales, elote and chiles en nogada.

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What Are Some Popular Dishes in Mexico?
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Chilaquiles is a common breakfast dish that consists of tortillas topped with salsa, eggs and cheese. Many recipes also call for chicken and cream. Tostadas, or fried tortillas, are also extremely popular. They may be eaten plain but are often topped with beans, meat or seafood.

Tacos, another staple of Mexican cuisine, have hundreds of variations. One popular style is tacos al pastor, or "shepherds' tacos." These tacos are soft white tortillas filled with sliced spit-roasted pork, onions, diced pineapple and cilantro. Other important ingredients include achiote paste, chipotle peppers, adobo sauce and fresh cotija cheese. Salsa commonly accompanies these tacos.

Elote, a popular street food, is the Mexican version of corn on the cob. After boiling the cobs, vendors serve them on wooden skewers, dressed with toppings such as butter, lime juice, chili power, salt and seasoned mayonnaise.

Tamales are stuffed cornmeal turnovers filled with meat, cheese, fruit or other foods. The tamales are tightly wrapped in large leaves or cornhusks and then steamed. The wrapping is not edible.

Chiles en nogada is a seasonal dish served in August and September, the peak season for its principal ingredients. The dish contains poblano peppers stuffed with dried fruit and meat. The stuffed peppers are then smothered in a white walnut sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

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