What Are Some Popular Cuts of Meat?


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Some common cuts of meat include tenderloin, rib eye and T-bone. Cheaper cuts of meat that are popular include rump meat, top sirloin, ground and stew.

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The most flavorful cuts of meat usually have some marbling, or fat. However, these cuts of meat can sometimes be tough and require marinating or tenderizing. Beef tenderloin, also known as fillet mignon, is the most expensive cut, as it is the most tender. It is a lean cut, so although it has a buttery texture, it's not very flavorful. It is popular to wrap fillets with bacon to enhance the fat content.

Thick steaks, like T-Bone or New York strip, do well on the grill or in the broiler, as they can withstand the heat. Boneless steak does well as a pan-fry.

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