What Are Some Popular Cereal Varieties?

What Are Some Popular Cereal Varieties?

Cheerios is a popular cereal variety manufactured by General Mills. Cheerios was first introduced in 1941 as CheeriOats. There are now at least 14 varieties of Cheerios as of 2015.

Originally manufactured by Kellogg's, Corn flakes has been around since the late 19th century and remains a popular cereal variety.

Wheaties by General Mills was launched in 1924 and bills itself as "The Breakfast of Champions." Many famous athletes have been featured on the box covers of this popular cereal brand.

Rice Krispies, whose slogan is "Snap, Crackle, Pop," is manufactured by Kellogg's and was first marketed in 1928.

Alpha-Bits by Post is known for sugary, letter-shaped bits of cereal.

Frosted Flakes by Kellogg's is promoted by the iconic Tony the Tiger cartoon character.