What Are Some Popular Canadian Foods?


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Some popular Canadian foods include poutine, beaver tails, ketchup chips, butter tarts and tourtiere. Poutine, one of Canada's most well-known cuisines, consists of french fried potatoes topped with cheese curds and smothered in brown gravy.

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Beaver tails are a common Canadian treat composed of deep fried dough covered in a sugar and cinnamon mixture. Ketchup chips, which are made by a variety of potato chip brands, are popular in Canada and feature a strong tomato ketchup flavoring. The Canadian butter tart, another popular sweet treat, features a butter cream and raisins baked inside a flaky pastry shell. Tourtiere is a meat pie dish of French-Canadian origin made with beef, veal, pork or game or a combination of each.

Some other popular Canadian foods include smoked salmon, Nanaimo bars, figgy duff, split pea soup and maple syrup. Smoked salmon is a traditional Canadian dish that originates with the indigenous peoples of Canada. Nanaimo bars are a popular dessert in Canada made with two different types of chocolate sandwiching a slab of butter cream in the middle. Figgy duff is a boiled pudding dish that usually contains butter, sugar, flour, raisins and molasses. Split pea soup, which is also popular in regions of the United States, is a dish with origins in Quebec made from dried yellow split peas cooked with either ham stock or a ham bone for added flavor.

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