What Are Some Popular Caffeine-Free Soft Drinks?


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Some popular caffeine-free soft drinks include 7Up, A&W root beer and Canada Dry ginger ale. C.L. Grigg, who already owned the successful Howdy Orange drink, founded 7Up in 1929. Having adopting the moniker "The Uncola," in 1967, the caffeine-free drink is famous for its lemon-lime flavor.

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Entrepreneurs Roy Allen and Frank Wright of Lodi, California, created A&W root beer in 1922. The first initials of their last names gave the soft drink its name. They set up root beer stands that expanded into restaurants, which sold the root beer. These became the first franchise restaurants. The beverage thrived even during World War II, when sugar rationing was in place. By 1950, Allen, who had bought out Wright long before, sold his business to Gene Hurtz, who in turn sold A&W to the J. Hungerford Smith Company.

For a long time, people were only able to purchase A&W root beer at an A&W restaurant, but in 1974, canning and bottling of the product began. Initially, stores in California and Arizona offered the bottled and canned products for sale.

Soda-water manufacturer, John McLaughlin, of Toronto, Canada, perfected Canada Dry ginger ale, made with real ginger, in 1904. By 1919, the beverage was available for sale in the United States, and the first American Canada dry plant opened in Manhattan. As of 2015, Canada Dry belongs to the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.

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