What Are Some Popular Brine Mixtures for Salmon?


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Popular ingredients to wet brine salmon include a combination of liquid, usually water, salt and sugar, and a choice of spices. Dry brine mixtures for fish generally include salt, brown sugar and spices.

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Salmon can be brined with wet or dry mixtures. The most common wet mixtures are water, salt and sugar. Depending on the type of flavors desired, soy sauce or teriyaki, pepper, five spice powder and other types of chili powder can be included in the brine mixture. Some wet brine mixtures include flavored salt or picking salt with different types of liquid. Dry brine combinations feature sugar, salt and spices, but the fish is dredged rather than immersed in liquid.

Cooking sites such as Epicurious.com and Cooks Illustrated are popular resources for both wet and dry brine recipes. The quantity of ingredients in the brine mixture varies according to the amount of salmon.

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