What Are Some Popular American Craft Beers?


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As of 2015, the most popular American craft beer is the Good Morning Imperial Stout, states BeerAdvocate. This beer comes from the Tree House Brewing Company in Monson, Massachusetts. Many of the most popular American craft beers are imperial stouts, including Toppling Goliath's Kentucky Brunch and Mornin' Delight Stouts.

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The Russian River Brewing Company out of California produces the most popular non-stout, which is the Pliny the Younger Imperial IPA. Other popular beers include The Alchemist's Heady Topper IPA, Toppling Goliath's PseudoSue Pale Ale, Funky Buddha's Morning Wood American Porter, and Kuhnhenn's Bourbon Barrel Old Ale. The most popular beers come from breweries all over the United States as opposed to originating in one area.

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