What Do Polls Say About the Differences Between Pepsi and Coke?


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Polls say that while in some campaigns, people preferred the taste of Pepsi over the taste of Coke, Coke has been the more popular beverage over a long timespan. The key observed difference in these polls is that Pepsi's standard cola is markedly sweeter than Coke's standard cola.

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A series of blind taste tests used as a Pepsi marketing campaign in the early 1980 resulted in a majority of those surveyed responding that Pepsi had the better-tasting product. The success of Pepsi's campaign resulted in the Coca-Cola company marketing a New Coke in 1985, which had more sugar than previous versions. This change severely hurt the company's sales, and Coke reverted to its classic product just three months later.

Overall, both polls and product sales show that most people prefer Coke. In 2012, respondents of a blind taste survey showed overwhelming support for Coke over Pepsi, according to Rasmussen Reports. This may be because while the sweeter product may be better-tasting after one sip, people generally prefer to drink less sweet products if they are consuming the entire beverage, says Slate.com. As of 2013, Coke controlled about 17 percent of the U.S. soda market, while Pepsi held about 9 percent.

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