What Do Polish People Eat?

polish-people-eat Credit: KLMircea/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Polish people make cereal grains such as buckwheat, rye, wheat and barley into dumplings, noodles and breads, which are often served alongside soups, meats and boiled or pickled vegetables. Polish food tends to be hearty and often contains eggs and cream. Cabbage, pork, chicken and beef are featured prominently.

Popular Polish foods are kielbasa sausages, sauerkraut, a beet soup called borscht and dumplings called pierogis. The most popular meat dish is a breaded and fried pork cutlet served with a thick sauce. A cucumber salad with sour cream is a common dish, and cucumbers are often seasoned or pickled with dill. Soups are very common in Poland. Some soups consist of just a clear broth, and others are thick and hearty. Cabbage stuffed with rice and ground meat is a common Polish side dish, and ham with horseradish is a popular main course.

The main meal in Poland is usually eaten in the early afternoon and typically comprises three courses. Many meals are finished with a dessert. Polish people enjoy many different cakes, including sponge cake, cheesecake, pound cake and poppy seed cake. The national drink is vodka distilled from rye, and common non-alcoholic drinks include water, tea, coffee, milk, buttermilk and fruit syrup.