At What Point Should Pomegranates Be Picked?


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Pomegranates should be picked when fully grown, when they are between 2 and 5 inches across. A ripe pomegranate should have a heavy feel because it is full of juice. The skin color of a ripe pomegranate varies from medium red to deep red and will have a fresh leather-like appearance.

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At What Point Should Pomegranates Be Picked?
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Pomegranates sold in stores were picked when ripe and are ready to eat. A method for detecting ripeness commercial growers use is to tap the fruit with a finger. If the fruit is ripe a metallic sound will be heard. Pomegranate trees are low maintenance, but the fruits should not be pulled from the trees, as this can damage both the fruit and the tree. Instead, cut the fruit off the tree using pruning shears.

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