How Do You Plan a Week of Fast and Easy Dinner Meals?

Plan a week of fast and easy dinners by coming up with a menu list and shopping for ingredients for the whole week on Sunday. Either cook the entire week's worth of meals on Sunday and store, or cook each meal daily but prep the necessary ingredients the night before.

Shape offers a fast, easy and healthy weekly meal plan on its website, complete with a grocery list and individual recipes for every day. It suggests shopping for the week's ingredients on Sunday morning and cooking the week's worth of individual meals that same day so that all you have to do during the week is heat them up. Follow its exact meal instructions, or create your own menu plan. Just be sure to get a thorough master list together for grocery shopping on Sunday to get all the supplies needed for the week's meals.

Use the service Simple Dinner Menu to help plan a week's worth of fast and easy dinners. This service is available either through the company's website or a mobile app. Subscribe to receive a weekly grocery list along with three dinner recipes, which makes it easier and less time consuming to plan the rest of the week's meals. Every recipe featured on Simple Dinner Menu can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.