How Do You Plan a Buffet for 50 People?

Plan a buffet for 50 people by determining your budget and guest list, creating a buffet theme or concept, choosing an appropriate location, and designing your buffet food menu. Don't forget to manage and test out the spatial requirements of your buffet table or tables, and choose table decorations that match the buffet theme.

Choose a particular type of food, such as Greek, Japanese or Moroccan food. You can also tailor the food to match the location or physical theme of the event, which could be a Parisian picnic, Hawaiian beach party, St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July or Halloween-centered theme.

The choice of finger foods is an important aspect of planning a large buffet. These foods and appetizers allow attendees to socialize with other guests and be mobile during the event. Some classic buffet appetizers include single-serve pastries, bacon-wrapped dates, crackers and cheese, deviled eggs, and tortilla spirals. Don't be afraid to put a personal twist on appetizers to match the theme of the event.

A lot of food is required for a large buffet, so it's crucial to prepare some food ahead of time and freeze it. This decreases the stress of food production on the day of the buffet.