How Do You Find a Place to Buy Live Lobsters?

If you live near the ocean, the best way to buy live locally caught lobster is to shop the fresh seafood markets where the fishing fleets dock. If you don’t live near the ocean, look for a seafood monger or grocer who has fresh catch delivered every day or every few days. You can also buy live lobsters online.

If you live in the northern United States, especially near the East Coast, chances are you can find live Maine lobsters at your local seafood market or grocery store. If possible, shop markets where lobstermen sell direct. If you live in the southern U.S., you’re more likely to buy live spiny lobsters in season. Buy them direct from lobster fishermen if you can, or head for fresh seafood vendors.

If you live farther inland, look for a seafood market that trucks or flies in fresh catch. Many have live lobster tanks, as do some local grocery stores. Of course, these prices are higher, and if you live away from the coast, expect to pay top dollar.

If you’re committed to paying more to enjoy live lobster, consider shopping online at outlets such as, Lobster Gram and The Lobster As of 2015, prices for a live Maine lobster weighing 1.25 pounds range from $15.99 to $34.00 plus shipping charges starting at about $40.