What Are Pig Trotters?


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Trotters is another name for pig's feet, typically from the ankle down. This cut of pork is used in a variety of cuisines and cooking methods.

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While they have been an ingredient in the recipes of various cultures across the world for years, trotters have seen an increased popularity in mainstream cooking as people try to cut food costs. Due to trotters being a less desirable cut of meat, they are often available at low prices.

Trotters are full of collagen, which breaks down while cooking and adds a velvety texture to soups and stews. The bones and meat also help to increase the flavor of a dish. In the United States, trotters are often pickled, but individuals can purchase them in their regular form from many supermarkets and butcher shops. Individuals can braise, grill or cook down trotters into a stock that can be used in sauces and soups in place of broth. Trotters are a versatile food, and they store well in the freezer.

Part of people's reluctance to eat and prepare trotters is the question of whether or not they are properly cleaned. However, trotters are processed like any other meat, and they must be thoroughly cleaned before being sold.

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