How Do You Pickle Meat?

Pickling preserves meat, and is easy to do by immersing the meat in salt brine. The process is the same whether you use beef, pork or other meats.

  1. Prepare for Pickling

    You need meat and a container large enough to hold it. A ceramic crock works well. Decide where you can store the curing meat. Depending on the crock size, the refrigerator may work, but any cool place is fine. Try an unheated part of your home. Purchase meat and pickling salt.

  2. Make the Brine

    Add salt to enough water to cover the meat. Use pickling salt or kosher salt; table salt has additives that affect the quality of the finished product. Test to determine if you have added enough salt: if an egg floats, you’re ready. If it sinks, add more salt.

  3. Add the meat

    Place the meat in the crock and cover with brine. Meat must be under the brine to avoid spoiling. If meat floats, hold it under with a plate that has a heavy object sitting on it such as a canning jar filled with water.

  4. Wait

    Cover the crock, and keep it for seven days at 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Every seven days, remove the meat from the liquid, and stir the brine. Repack the meat. Repeat this every week for four weeks. If the brine has thickened, wash each piece of meat carefully, sterilize the crock, and prepare fresh brine.