Does Pickle Juice Clean Out Your System?

While there is no support for the notion that pickle juice cleans out the system, it has provided relief from hangover, heartburn, premenstrual syndrome and the dip in electrolytes after a workout, according to Medical Daily. The use of pickles for health benefits dates back millennia.

People often feel awful the morning after a night of heavy drinking because of the diuretic properties of alcohol. Diuretics flush water and sodium out of the body, leaving people feeling drained of energy. Pickle juice adds that sodium back to the system, as stated by Medical Daily.

Similarly, pickle juice adds sodium and electrolytes back to the systems of people who have just completed a workout. Pickle juice also has vinegar, which contains magnesium, a nutrient that often helps to alleviate cramps. Drinking pickle juice before a workout fortifies the system before the drain of exercise, which is why some athletes swear by this regimen, notes Medical Daily.

Women suffering from premenstrual syndrome frequently experience dehydration and cramping. Similarly to its benefits for athletes, PMS sufferers also benefit from the added salt that pickle juice provides, reports Medical Daily.

Heartburn is a little trickier when it comes to pickle juice because vinegar causes heartburn in some people. For others, though, the vinegar provides a soothing effect, relates Medical Daily. Those trying pickle juice for the first time to relieve heartburn should begin with small amounts, just in case it causes the wrong response.