How Do You Pickle Jalapeno Peppers?

To pickle jalapeño peppers, slice them into rings, boil them in brine, pack them into jars, and refrigerate them. The supplies you need for this 30-minute project are jalapeños, garlic, onions, a knife, oven mitts, a pot, a stove, a spoon, vinegar, sugar, salt, bay leaves, jars and a refrigerator.

  1. Prepare the vegetables

    Chop off the stems from 1 pound of jalapeños, and cut the peppers into rings. Peel and coarsely chop a white onion and eight garlic cloves. Discard the peels and stems.

  2. Boil the brine

    Set a pot on a stove over high heat, and add 3 cups white or cider vinegar. Stir in 2 tablespoons salt, 2 teaspoons white sugar and two bay leaves.

  3. Add the vegetables

    Add the vegetables to the boiling brine, and leave them in the pot for five minutes. Turn off the stove, and pull the pot off of the heat.

  4. Fill the jars

    Spoon the jalapeños, onion and garlic into two 1-pint jars, and cover them with brine. Make sure that none of the vegetables are exposed to air. Screw the lids on tightly, and wait for the jars to cool.

  5. Refrigerate the jars

    Refrigerate the jars once they reach room temperature. Consume the contents within two months.