What Are Some Facts About Pepperidge Farm Goldfish?


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Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish are very similar to traditional soup crackers or oyster crackers, but are shaped like fish and come in a wide variety of flavors. Goldfish were originally invented in Switzerland in 1958 by Oscar J. Kambly of the Kambly biscuit company.

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The design was based on his wife's zodiac sign, Pisces. The original name translated to "Little Goldfish."

Pepperidge Farm began selling Goldfish in the United States in 1962. The brand has typically sold well since it was introduced. Sales vary from year to year but have sometimes been in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In 2004, Goldfish sales equaled over $250 million dollars across all of the various flavors.

As of 2015, Goldfish come in a wide variety of flavors. The plain flavor that resemble oyster crackers and the cheddar flavor are perhaps the most popular and familiar, but other flavors commonly found on store shelves include pizza, pretzel, Parmesan and cheddar made with whole grain. Pepperidge Farms also has some spin off lines, such as the gluten-free Puffs, Goldfish Grahams and even a type of macaroni and cheese. The "Flavor Blasted" line also features more pronounced artificial flavors, such as nacho cheese, sour cream and onion, and BBQ.

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