What Do People in Nepal Eat?

people-nepal-eat Credit: Sharada Prasad CS/CC-BY 2.0

The most commonly prepared Nepalese foods are made from ingredients such as beans, spices, grains, fruits and vegetables. Like India, prominent religious traditions throughout various regions of the country dictate the consumption of meat. Dishes, therefore, may vary somewhat from region to region.

Nepal is located in Asia between China and India. Because of its geography, Nepalese foods are very similar to those found in bordering nations, particularly India. Dal Bhat, which is boiled rice or grains served with various spices, sauces or vegetables is the most common meal. In regions in which the vegetarianism is not prominent, meat may also be served as an accompaniment to dal bhat. Roti, which is a type of flatbread similar to Indian naan bread is another side dish served with Dal bhat. In rural areas, dhido, which is a type of porridge made from flour is a popular dish. Chiura is a specially prepared rice that is either consumed on its own or used as the base for the preparation of other dishes. Because many of Nepal's citizens live in rural areas, fermenting foods is a popular way of preserving them in order to extend the window within which they can be consumed.