What Do People in Kenya Eat?

Kenyan cuisine includes hearty grains, bread, cereal and assorted vegetables, along with stews with and without meat, rice and beverages including tea and beer. As in the United States, Kenyan cuisine varies among different ethnic groups and regions of the country: coastal communities consume seafood such as tilapia and perch, while populations farther inland eat agricultural items like corn, grains and poultry. Kenyan cuisine derives influence from other cultures, including Indian and Asian, which add spices and tropical flavors to Kenyan dishes.

Cuisine in the coastal regions of Kenya relies heavily on products from the sea, while Kenyans living in more urban areas consume sorghum, cereal and maize. Kenyans nationwide consume large amounts of leafy green and root vegetables.

As with Americans, Kenyans enjoy lighter foods, snacks and hearty dishes throughout the day. Popular appetizers and snacks include vegetarian or meat-based samosas, which are essentially Indian dumplings and bajia, which is an Indian potato dish. Lunch includes stews like githeri, made from maize, beans and sometimes meat, or curried chicken with coconut rice. Kenyans also enjoy nyama choma, which is roasted beef, and sukumi wiki, a leafy green vegetable that often appears in hearty beef stews. Mahamri, the Kenyan version of a donut, makes a popular dessert. For refreshments, Kenyans consume tea and beer, which artisans make using local ingredients like milk and honey.