What Do People Eat in Argentina?

People in Argentina enjoy many types of foods. Argentinians typically eat four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, a small meal after work but before dinner and a large dinner, usually containing beef.

Breakfast (desayuno) is a light meal of bread with jam and coffee. Lunch (almuerzo or comida) usually consists of meat and vegetables or salad. The third meal of the day occurs after work and is extremely important for building relationships among friends and business people. It is usually eaten at a cafe and includes espresso or tea and light snacks such as cheese or nuts. Dinner (cena) is the largest meal and contains the traditional meat of Argentina, beef.

Beef is prepared several different ways in this country, from ribs, blood sausage and steak, to breaded and deep-fried bits of beef and whole roasted cow which still includes the hide. Traditionally, farmers in Argentina grow corn, sweet potatoes, melons and squash. A large portion of the country borders the Atlantic Ocean, so seafood is often eaten. Seafood is especially popular during the religious celebration of Lent when it is traditional to give up eating meat for 40 days. Argentina is also a large producer of honey, a sweetener that finds its way into many favorite desserts of the country.