What Do People in China Eat?


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Chinese cuisine is very diverse. While noodle- and rice-based dishes are among the most common, there are also numerous soup and dumpling dishes. Some examples of Chinese dishes are chow mein (stir-fried noodles), Peking roasted duck, spring rolls, and ma po tofu (spicy tofu and ground beef).

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What Do People in China Eat?
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The diverse nature of Chinese cuisine can be attributed to its geographical and agricultural diversity. Some dishes, such as Gung Bao chicken, are Szechuan and originate from the Sichuan Province of China. Others, such as the stewed pork hock, are considered Lu cuisine and are from the Shangdon Province.

Common ingredients used to season Chinese cuisine are garlic, ginger, green onion, chillies and cilantro (or Chinese parsley). Sauces, also used for flavor, include the ubiquitous soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar and oyster sauce. Vegetables include bok choy, Chinese eggplant, gai lan, soy bean sprouts and snow peas. For protein and meats it is common for Chinese dishes to consist of bean curd (or tofu), pork, duck and various fish and shell fish.

Noodles also make up an important part of Chinese cuisine. Common types are egg (or wheat) noodles and rice noodles. Chinese dishes also incorporate wantons and several different varieties of rice.

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