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For over a century, the British brand, Peek Frean, has offered a wide variety of tea biscuits, or tea cookies, including the garibaldi, pearl and chocolate-table biscuits. The cookies are well-known, popular and people often enjoy them with a cup of tea. The Peek Frean Lifestyle Selections line of cookies are specialty cookies including sugar-free, high-fiber and flax varieties.

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Peek Frean makes the famous garibaldi, a slim, glazed biscuit with currants baked inside, that takes its name from the popular Italian general, Giuseppe Garibaldi. Manufactured at the Peek Frean’s factory in Bermondsey, people commonly refer to the garibaldi as the ‘squashed fly.’ The pearl biscuit, first produced in 1865, is a plain, soft and crumbly cookie. All biscuits produced for the commercial market prior to the pearl, had a hard texture, so the Peek Frean’s soft biscuit was a deviation from the norm. The Peek Frean bakers did not use docker-holes in the pearl biscuits, or punctured holes in the tops of biscuits to keep them from inflating in the oven, which resulted in a soft-textured cookie. The pearl biscuit is no longer widely available.

The chocolate-table biscuit was the first ever manufactured chocolate-dipped biscuit, appearing in 1899. A revolutionary innovation of the time, Peek Frean took a simple digestive biscuit that was popular for the previous 60 years, and coated it in chocolate. Now commonly called the chocolate digestive, the chocolate-table biscuit is still popular today.

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