How Do They Get the Pear in Bottles of Pear Brandy?

How Do They Get the Pear in Bottles of Pear Brandy?

The pear inside a bottle of pear brandy is grown inside the bottle. Once the pear is fully grown the brandy is added. It is a process that takes time - as long as it takes for a pear to grow.

  1. Pear selection
  2. The first step is to select the pears on the branch most likely to grow to full size. This is done straight after the pears begin to form. The leaves around the selected pears are removed from the branch.

  3. Attach string
  4. String is then tied around the neck of the bottle. The branch with the young pear is then inserted inside so that it sits just above the neck, giving it lots of room to grow. The string is then used to attach the bottle to the branch. The bottle hangs upside down to prevent water and debris from collecting inside.

  5. Wait
  6. The pear is then left to grow. Once it reaches maturity it falls off the branch by itself. Once that happens the branch is removed from the bottle and the bottle is removed from the tree.

  7. Clean and fill
  8. The bottle and the pear are then rinsed clean, usually with boiled water that has been cooled. The bottle is then filled with the brandy.