How Does Peapod Compare to Other Online Grocery Services?


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The Peapod online grocery delivery service fares similar to FreshDirect and ShopRite in terms of customer service and friendly delivery. Peapod and ShopRite both accept manufacturer coupons. One downside is that Peapod delivery times are varied, whereas both ShopRite and FreshDirect have next-day delivery.

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Some advantages to Peapod's service are the 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, the organic produce selection, the refund policy, the shopping filters and the free shipping new customers receive for the first 60 days. For customers with specific dietary needs, the Nutrifilter feature allows them to filter products to meet those needs. Only FreshDirect allows a comparable amount of product customization. Peapod's customer service line and delivery drivers are helpful and willing to answer questions and troubleshoot problems that occur with the order.

Some downsides to Peapod include scheduling issues for deliveries, especially in the winter months. Additionally, produce prices and quantities have to be carefully observed, as they change regularly and Peapod cannot always meet the customer's needs. FreshDirect and ShopRite make next-day delivery possible by employing plenty of drivers to meet customer demand. As far as pricing, FreshDirect has the most savings opportunities, with Peapod slightly more expensive. ShopRite was considerably more expensive than other services.

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