How Are Peaches Healthy for the Body?

peaches-healthy-body Credit: Caroline Schiff/Taxi/Getty Images

Peaches are packed with fiber, low in calories and bursting with antioxidants that help promote health, according to Jersey Fruit. A large-sized peach tops out at 70 calories, while a medium peach is just 35 calories, making peaches a filling and delicious snack on the go or for dessert.

Containing up to 10 percent of the daily recommended value of fiber, 11 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamin A and 19 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamin C, peaches are a nutritional powerhouse, according to Self magazine. A large peach contains up to 15 grams of natural sugar.

Antioxidants protect the body and are critical for maintaining healthy skin by capturing and destroying free radicals that would otherwise contribute to cell damage and aging, according to Jersey Fruit. Peaches contain the phenols ascorbic acid, carotenoids and beta-carotene, which are the most notable antioxidants present.

Select peaches that are firm and fragrant, according to Jersey Fruit. Within three days of purchasing, firm ripe peaches become soft and ready for eating when kept in a bowl or lightly closed paper bag. Peaches bruise easily so handle them carefully. Once they are ripe and soft, eat them immediately or store in a refrigerator for up to three days.