What Party Tray Themes Are Available at Kroger?

What Party Tray Themes Are Available at Kroger?

Party tray themes at Kroger include continental breakfast, salads, sandwiches, deli meats and cheeses, weekenders, salads and more, as of 2015. Kroger also offers trays suitable for special occasions, such as kids trays. People can select trays designed for healthy eating, like the fruit and veggie platter, or opt for indulgent trays like dessert.

The trays from Kroger are ideal for parties, office engagements, meetings and celebrations. To start the day, a breakfast platter is a good option. This platter contains a mixture of food items, including bagels, muffins, croissants and fresh fruit. The platter also comes with hearty granola and assorted condiments and sides, like cream cheese, jelly and butter.

For a mid-day occasion, the sandwich platter is a good option. This platter contains many options; customers can choose wraps with meats and cheeses, pita pockets with assorted fillings, pretzel buns stuffed with ham, turkey or cheese, mini croissant sandwiches and an assortment of cut sandwiches made with deli meats and cheese or tuna and turkey salad.

Wings and Things is a Kroger party tray for people with hearty appetites. This platter features wings in honey sauce, BBQ sauce, ranch dressing for dipping, or buffalo sauce. Platters also contain breaded wings, non-breaded wings and even baby back ribs.

For children, the kids platter offers fun desserts, like s'mores and dirt cups with worms. These platters may also contain peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pieces of fresh fruit, such as orange slices, strawberries and grapes, and served with yogurt for a healthy treat.