What Are the Best Party Punch Recipes for Kids?


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The best party punch recipes for kids have fun and interactive elements like combinations that fizz over when mixed or drinks that change color. Other options are drinks that glow in the dark or include animal shaped gummies for themed parties.

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One classic kid's punch recipe involves mixing fruit punch with orange soda and a clear soda, such as Sprite or Ginger Ale, along with ice cream or sherbet. When these ingredients are combined, they fizz and create a creamy, sweet drink. Recipes for this punch vary, but most combinations work well.

Another idea is to put a few drops of food coloring in the bottom of a plastic cup and allow it to dry, then take a clear soda or drink, such as Fresca, and pour it into the cup. This causes the drink to change color. One can alternate colors in several cups to enhance the surprise. If the party involves black lights, one can also make a glow-in-the-dark drink using lemonade and tonic water, which lights up because it contains quinine.

There are many kinds of animal and cartoon gummy candies that can be used for a themed party as well. One can add the gummies to a single cup, or freeze several together in small plastic containers to use as ice cubes in a large punch bowl. A product like Kool-Aid makes the drink sweet and colorful.

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