How Do You Participate in Applebee's Customer Experience Survey?

How Do You Participate in Applebee's Customer Experience Survey?

To participate in Applebee's customer experience survey, locate the survey number at the bottom of your receipt from the Applebee's experience you want to address. Visit, and enter the survey number to receive a prompt to complete the survey.

Applebee's provides a customer experience survey as part of corporate efforts to measure guest satisfaction at its restaurants. A survey number (sometimes called a code depending on the restaurant location) appears on your dinner or drink check. Enter this number on the Applebee's survey website.

At the start of the survey, you must answer preliminary questions, such as questions about the location of the restaurant you visited. Following those questions, enter the survey number. This number helps Applebee's locate specifics about your experiences, such as who served you and whether or not the server encouraged participation in the guest satisfaction survey.

Next, answer several questions about the overall dining experience, including food quality, customer service, store cleanliness, and the overall atmosphere. The survey is anonymous unless you indicate your willingness to share your comments.

By completing the survey, you enter a drawing for a chance to win $1,000 dollars or other prizes, such as an iPad, iPhone, or electronic device. Winners of daily drawings receive email notification of any winnings.