What Part of a Cow Does Chuck Come From?


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The chuck is from the shoulder of a beef cow. Cuts that come from this area include shoulder center steak, chuck eye roast and chuck roast. A shoulder center steak typically weighs 10 ounces or less and is no larger than 1 inch thick.

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What Part of a Cow Does Chuck Come From?
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The butcher removes much of the fat from a shoulder steak. Cooks often marinate this meat. A chuck eye roast, or boneless chuck roll, is an excellent cut for a slow-cooked roast. Typical preparation methods include marinating, stir-frying, braising and roasting.

Chuck roasts, also known as arm roasts and blade roasts, have significant amounts of fat. This helps the meat retain moisture and flavor during slow-cooking methods, such as braising and roasting.

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