What Is Papaya Good For?


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Papaya is good for many things, including the prevention of gastrointestinal disorders and sedative and diuretic uses. Most commonly, it is dried and then eaten. Its active ingredient is a chemical named papain, which has health benefits.

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Papaya is a plant, typically grown in Central America. Full of vitamins and minerals, there are many health benefits to papaya, in part because of its active ingredients papain and carpain. While papain is often used as a meat tenderizer, it is useful to prevent digestive ailments in humans. When ingested, papain has the ability to break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Carpain, also found in papaya, is known to kill certain parasites.

Papaya is also a great source of vitamin C, folic acid, riboflavin and Vitamin B6. Papaya also contains more than 200 amino acids. A serving of papaya generally has 55 calories, with one gram of protein and eight grams of sugar. Consuming papaya in large amounts is not recommended because it contains fructose. There are not many negative side effects listed with consumption of papaya, but it is advised that pregnant women and nursing mothers not consume the plant in large amounts. It is a concern that unprocessed papain may harm a fetus, according to WebMD.

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