How Do You Paint With Lime Candy?

How Do You Paint With Lime Candy?

Using lime candy can be a safe and fun way to create an art project or to paint. Creating the paint is a simple procedure, and all you need is lime-colored candy and water.

  1. Gather lime-colored candy

    Determine what color you would like your paint to be, and gather candy that approximates that color. If you are creating lime-colored paint, you need lime-colored candies. Hard candies work best.

  2. Unwrap candy

    Unwrap each of your candies so that the hard shell of the candy is exposed. Do not leave the wrapper on the candy.

  3. Add candy to glass

    Place your candy in a glass, cup or other container that holds the paint.

  4. Cover candies with water

    Add enough water to your container to cover the candies. The more water you add, the lighter the results. If you want darker colored paint, use less water.

  5. Wait for the water to change color

    The type of candy you use determines the amount of time required for the paint to form. The water will start to change color even though the candies have not dissolved. The longer you leave the candy in the water, the more it will dissolve and add sugar to your water. Find the right balance between the color you want and the stickiness of the paint.