Who Owns The Ice House?


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Bob Fisher owns The Ice House, a comedy club in Pasadena, Calif. He has been the sole owner since 1981, beginning as a joint owner in 1978.

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The Ice House opened in 1960 as a folk music club. The original owner was Willard Chilcott, who opened the stage to comedians as well as musicians. In 1978 when Bob Fisher and his partners bought the club, the owners changed the club to a full-time comedy club. It is now considered to be the oldest comedy club in the United States.

Fisher was an IBM salesman, entering the comedy world when he took a job managing a club called the Laff Stop. When he bought The Ice House, he planned to make it successful and sell it quickly but he held onto ownership. He books comedians based on a laugh-per-minute equation.

The Ice House has entertained more than four million people. Many famous acts have been recorded live on its stages including performances by Lily Tomlin and George Lopez. Other comedians who have performed there include George Carlin, Robin Williams, Rosie O'Donnell and Jim Carey.

The club also has a full restaurant and bar called the Comics Restaurant. Drinks ordered in the restaurant do not apply to the two-drink minimum required by the showroom.

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