What Are Some Oven-Safe Meat Thermometers?


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Oven-safe meat thermometers include the CDN Large Dial Meat Thermometer, the Polder Digital Thermometer and the ThermoWorks ChefAlarm. These thermometers are designed to be left in meat while it is cooking.

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The CDN Large Dial Meat Thermometer is a dial on the end of a probe which is inserted into the meat. The dial reads from 120 to 200 F. It also lists which meats will be cooked at which temperature, notes Amazon. The Polder Digital Thermometer also comes with a timer. It was rated best oven-safe thermometer by Consumer Search. The Thermoworks ChefAlarm has a probe which inserts into meat and a separate monitor which is left outside the oven, according to Amazing Ribs.

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