How Do You Find Out the McDonald's Weekly Special?


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McDonald's does not offer a company-wide weekly special. Local franchises may offer coupons and special prices independently of corporate promotions. Contact a local McDonald's restaurant or visit a local franchise's website for information about weekly specials and other promotions specific to that local franchise.

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McDonald's offers a value menu that allows customers to save money on food, even at restaurants that do not run special pricing promotions. There are two versions of the value menu: one that runs during breakfast and one that runs during all other business hours.

The breakfast value menu includes sandwiches, coffee, breakfast burritos and side items. The standard value includes low prices on cheeseburgers, chicken, drinks, desserts and other items. The exact contents of the value menu vary depending on the store and the time of year, but the official menu provided by McDonald's corporate is available on the McDonald's website.

Most McDonald's restaurants are franchises; only 15 percent of its restaurants are directly owned and run by the corporate brand. Corporate-owned McDonald's restaurants run a uniform set of promotions, which are available at the official brand website. Franchised restaurants are independently owned and free to participate in other promotions so long as they only sell menu items approved by McDonald's.

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