What Other Ingredients Should Be Used When Making Cheese Potatoes?


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Bacon, onions, cream soup, sour cream and crushed corn flakes are ingredients that potentially transform cheese potatoes into a unique breakfast or supper side dish. Cheese potatoes are flavorful even with just a few extra ingredients, so most recipes are rather simple.

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Diced potatoes, bacon, green onions and a Mexican blend of shredded cheese make for a hearty accompaniment to any morning fare. Some cooks like to prepare the bacon first, then cook the potatoes in a small amount of the bacon fat, melt the cheese over the bacon and potato mixture, and top the dish with fresh onion.

Making casserole-style cheese potatoes entails mixing shredded hash browns with sour cream, cheese, onions and a combination of cream of turkey or chicken soup. A topping of crushed corn flakes and butter adds crunch, texture and golden brown color.

Scalloped cheese potatoes are a slightly dressed-up version of this dish. Chefs use the layers of potatoes to conceal a mixture of cheeses, such as sharp cheddar, blue and Parmesan. A few tablespoons of flour and butter, plus a few cups of milk poured over the potatoes just before baking them, combine to create a dense roux-like sauce that anchors the layers of scalloped potatoes while blending the recipe's flavors.

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