How Do You Organize a Shopping List to Print?


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To create an organized grocery list to print, type headings for categories of items needed in a word processing program. The most common food types such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, frozen foods and snacks can serve as headers for the grocery list.

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The grocery list can be organized by household items as well. For example, shoppers can create a heading for pet items, cleaning supplies, baby items, kitchen supplies and personal care items. Food item headings may include condiments and spices, deli, bulk foods, meat, seafood, pasta, breakfast foods and beverages.

Shoppers can type the headings in columns in a spreadsheet or create headings in tables in a word processing program. A square box can be drawn around each heading and the shopper can handwrite items needed after printing the document, or each specific item can be typed, such as hamburger, buns, ketchup or shampoo. If shoppers are familiar with the store, the grocery list can also be organized by aisle to speed up the shopping experience. Meal planners can also organize the list by typing out ingredients needed for daily meals.

An organized shopping list can also be created in two small columns and printed on the front of an envelope. Shoppers can then use the envelope to insert coupons and check items off the printed envelope list when at the store.

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