How Are Oreos Produced?


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To make Oreo cookies, Kraft stirs together flour, cocoa and other ingredients to create thick dough. A machine presses the dough into cookie wafers and embosses them with the Oreo emblem. The cookies are baked, cream filling is inserted on one cookie. A machine sandwiches the cookies together and packages them for shipment to distributors.

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Each batch of cookies takes around 90 minutes to make, with around 3,000 cookies churned out per minute. The process calls for granulated sugar, water, flour and cocoa along with other ingredients, which workers at Kraft’s 30,000-square-foot factory in Montreal, Canada, place inside a 2,000-pound mixing tub, to create the cookie dough.

Workers press the dough onto a molding machine that shapes it into individual wafers. The machine also embosses the cookies with the brand name and the Oreo logo. The cookies make their way into an 85-meter-long industrial oven to bake, and then a cooling fan cools the cookies and flips them over to ready them for the cream filling, which workers mix together in a 795-pound tub and then drop onto the wafers’ plain sides. After a machine adds the cream filling and tops it with another cookie, the cookies move into another area where a machine packs them into plastic trays and seals them inside their outer packaging.

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