How Do You Order Willy Wonka Candy Online?

There are a few different places where you are able to order Willy Wonka candy online, such as at Two other places are the and

There are three pages worth of Wonka candy at Some of the candy that you are able to order includes a variety of chocolate bars, Bottle Caps, and even gingerbread man and house kits. There are also variety packs available, such as the Wonka MixUps Candy Packs, which include favorites like Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Bottle Caps and Sweet Tarts.

The Royal Candy Company also sells its products in bulk, which make it perfect for buying for parties, large gatherings or sporting events. One featured candy is the Laffy Taffy rope, available in many different flavors. Laffy Taffy tubs are also available in 145-count amounts. Look for Theater Box packages as well.

The Candy Store offers 10-percent off orders when you sign up using your email account. Some featured items include a 30-pound container of Runts candy, 21 pounds of Nerd gumballs, and an 18-count box of Wonka chocolate bars and a 48-count box of Fun Dip. Perfect for concession stands, the 100-count box of Giant Pixy Stix comes in a variety of flavors.