How Do You Order Food From Bob Evans Online?

How Do You Order Food From Bob Evans Online?

Order food from Bob Evans online by selecting the closest restaurant location, adding menu items and paying for the order. Users can sign into their account or check out as a guest to order online.

Visit the Bob Evans website and click on "Order Online" to begin the ordering process.

  1. Choose a restaurant location
  2. Enter an address in the box and click "Find." Nearby restaurants appear. Select one on the map and click "Begin Order" to continue.

  3. Add items to the order
  4. Add items to the menu by browsing the available categories such as "Featured," Sandwiches and Burgers" or Kids Menu." At the top of each section, click on the headers such as "Lunch Combos" or "Big Farm Burgers" to narrow down the choices.

  5. Make a selection
  6. Make a selection and click "Order."

  7. Choose add-ons
  8. Choose from add-on menu items such as rolls, soup, salad or buttermilk biscuits. Add something to drink or include special instructions. When finished, click "Order Now."

  9. Click "Begin Check Out"
  10. The next window shows the order and gives the option to go back or to begin check out.

  11. Check out
  12. Choose a pickup location, pickup time and add any other essential items such as plates, napkins, ketchup or mayonnaise. When finished, click "Next Step."

  13. Enter contact information
  14. Enter contact information in the boxes provided and select payment information.

  15. Review and place the order
  16. Review the order and customer information and click "Submit" to place the order.