Is Orange Juice Bad for Your Teeth?

Is Orange Juice Bad for Your Teeth?

Orange juice is somewhat harmful to the teeth, as it can actually diminish the hardness of the enamel. Orange juice is a particularly acidic fruit juice, and consequently increases the roughness of tooth enamel, in addition to diminishing its hardness by 84 percent. When this happens to the surface of the tooth, it actually weakens it overall, increasing the risk of tooth decay throughout the entire mouth.

The corrosive effects of acidic juices like orange juice are not unlike the effects of soda on the teeth. The impact is magnified in individuals who consume fruit juice and soda on a daily basis.

It is less damaging to consume orange juice quickly, as opposed to over a long period of time. This way, the tooth has less exposure to the corrosive properties of the beverage.

There are other potentially harmful effects of fruit juices, including orange juice. Fruit juice can minimize the effectiveness of cancer drugs, medications for heart conditions and blood pressure medication. Orange juice may also dilute some antibiotics by stopping them from entering the bloodstream. When taking medications, it is better to consume water in place of fruit juices.

There is no clear treatment for erosion of the tooth enamel, though fluoride treatments should help. As a result, the best option is to either avoid drinking these juices and sodas in large quantities, or consume with a straw or with food.