What Options Are Available for Subway Sandwich Specials?

options-available-subway-sandwich-specials Credit: John Lamparski/WireImage/Getty Images

Subway sandwich specials have included $3 6-inch select subs, $5 footlong sandwiches and the $6 Simple 6 menu, which includes a sandwich, potato chips and a drink. The sandwich fast food restaurant Subway also offers coupons in some cases.

As of 2015, sandwich specials are often related to ingredients. For instance, the fast food restaurant has released three sandwiches featuring new and improved grilled chicken strips. These chicken strips are fresh with no artificial flavors or preservatives. The sandwiches are the Monterey Chicken Melt, the Chicken &; Bacon Ranch Melt and the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki.

Subway also features sandwiches on its fresh fit menu, which are sandwiches under 400 calories. The breakfast menu is another option that Subway is highlighting. For the Simple 6 special, customers get to choose one of six 6-inch subs, any chips the restaurant carries and a 21-ounce fountain drink. The Simple 6 is a permanent part of the menu.

In the past, Subway has offered two or three $5 footlong subs every month, although this special has been replaced with $3 six-inch select subs. Every month the restaurant features a different sub that customers can buy for $3.

Customers can also find coupons on websites such as Offers.com. These coupons include the return of the $5 footlong, free 6-inch subs and percentages off.