Where Do Onions Come From?


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Onions are grown in the ground; when pulled while they are young, they are known as scallions, but when left to grow until ready to harvest, they are the same white, yellow or red varieties that are found in most supermarkets. All onions start their lives as bulbs, seeds or transplants that are planted in the ground; immature bulbs are also sometimes called onion sets.

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Onions grow well in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 through 9, and they can be planted in loamy soil or virtually any other type of soil with a neutral pH level. Because they are a cold-season crop, they can be grown quite easily and are very hardy.

Onions can be grown in the ground or in raised beds or rows. Onions should be grown in full sun where they won't receive shade from any other plants. The soil should be rich in nitrogen, loose and not too moist or too dry. When it is time to plant the onions, mix in fertilizer with nitrogen to foster the formation of bulbs.

Onion should be planted as soon as the ground is warm and soft enough to be worked in the springtime. This is usually from late March into April in most areas of the country.

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