What Are the Most Nutritious Vegetables?

nutritious-vegetables Credit: Steffen Zahn/CC-BY-2.0

According to SheKnows, broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables. Carrots are high in nutrition as well. Eggplant is another vegetable that carries a wide range of health benefits. Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and squash are some other nutritious alternatives.

SheKnows further mentions that broccoli in particular contains antioxidants that aid in reducing stomach, rectal and lung cancers. Carrots contain some of the most abundant sources of nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin C. Carrots are good for the cardiovascular system, eyes and skin. Eggplant contains plentiful nutrients as well, including nasunin, a compound that safeguards brain cells against damage. Eggplants are also loaded with potassium and fiber in addition to reducing the risk of dementia and stroke. Onions help people who have osteoporosis or are at risk of contracting the disease. Onions contain a peptide known as GPCS, which slows down the body's rate of calcium loss.

Leading health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels notes that dark, leafy greens are rich in a variety of antioxidants and vitamins. These greens include spinach, chard, collard greens and kale. They contain such ingredients as carotenoids, calcium, fiber and iron. Bell peppers contain a rich source of manganese, magnesium and a plethora of vitamins. One cup of bell peppers alone contains more than three times the recommended intake of vitamin C. Peas and beans are a rich source of protein, and these vegetables are good sources of folic acid, potassium and magnesium.