What Is the Nutrition of Red Cabbage?


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One cup, or 3.1 ounces, of chopped red cabbage contains 28 calories, 24 milligrams of sodium, 7 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of dietary fiber. In terms of recommended daily allowances, red cabbage has 20 percent of vitamin A, 85 percent of vitamin C, 79 percent of vitamin K, 20 percent of vitamin B6 and 16 percent of manganese.

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The color of red cabbage comes from anthocyanin polyphenols, which act as anti-inflammatory agents in the human body. One serving of raw red cabbage delivers up to 196.5 grams of polyphenols, much more than green cabbage.

Shoppers should select red cabbages that feel heavy, contain crisp leaves and have bright colors. Prepare the vegetables by peeling off outer leaves, washing the remainders, slicing them into quarters and removing the inner core. Chop the leaves into strips or bite-size portions. Add a thin layer of vinegar to preserve the color. The vegetable works well as a raw addition to salads and coleslaw.

Harvesting cabbages originated in Asia Minor and the Mediterranean. The Romans frequently used cabbages, and the Celts popularized the vegetable throughout Europe. The word comes from the French "caboche," which means "head." Cabbages are members of the genera Brassica, originating from the Celtic word "bresic," which means "cabbage." Jacques Cartier brought cabbages to America in the 1540s when his group planted some in Canada during his third voyage.

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