What Are Nine Ways to Eat Coconut Oil?

What Are Nine Ways to Eat Coconut Oil?

The simplest way to consume coconut oil is to eat a spoonful once a day. Coconut oil is also used in a multitude of recipes, often as a replacement for butter. Swanson Vitamins provides a list of user-generated recipes on its website.

Spreading coconut oil instead of butter on toast for breakfast is a great way to enrich a diet. If making eggs for breakfast, use coconut oil to coat the bottom of the frying pan (again, in place of butter). Similarly, use coconut oil to make a grilled cheese sandwich. For a healthier version of popcorn, melt the coconut oil and pour it over the popcorn in place of butter.

Add coconut oil to a fruit smoothie to add nutrients to the beverage; the fruit helps mask the flavor of the coconut oil. Add coconut oil to coffee or tea in the morning for some mild flavor and an energy boost to start the day.

For baking purposes, replace vegetable oil with coconut oil. This works especially well with brownies. Recipes are also available on the Swanson Vitamins website for coconut oil-enriched homemade granola and salad dressing.

Coconut oil is also used for skin and hair health, aromatherapy and wound care.