What Neutralizes Salt in Food?

According to Cooking Light Magazine, the effects of salt (or sodium) in food may be neutralized by potassium. The Huffington Post reports that potassium may help to counteract the heart-damaging impact that salt has on the body.

Health professionals recommend that people pay close attention to their salt (the main source of sodium) intake. Excessive salt is proven to be dangerous to one's health. It increases blood pressure, which increases the risk of stroke and heart-disease. The Huffington Post emphasizes the importance of incorporating a balance of both sodium and potassium in one's diet. Good sources of potassium include spinach, prunes, bananas and broccoli. Cooking Light Magazine offers some other suggestions for foods that offer good levels of potassium. Some of these foods include 100% fruit juices, melons, beans, potatoes, seafood, dairy, and green leafy vegetables.

Cooking Light suggests that, in order to neutralize the salt in foods and to decrease salt's potential harmful effects on the body, daily food intake should include more whole foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) and less packaged, processed foods, especially those that have high sodium levels. Not only is it important to increase potassium, but it is necessary to look at whether sodium should be decreased, as well.