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Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, and Boost are Nestle products. Butterfinger is a candy bar characterized by a flaky peanut butter-flavored center covered by compound chocolate. Nestle Crunch is a milk chocolate candy bar with bits of crisped rice mixed in. Boost is a complete nutritional drink made by Nestle Nutrition.

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Otto Schnering created Butterfinger in 1923. The Curtiss Candy Company in Chicago, Illinois, originally produced and sold the candy. Standard Brands Inc. purchased Curtiss Candy Company and later merged with Nabisco. In 1985 Nabisco Brands merged with R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company to form RJR Nabisco, and Nestle purchased the Butterfinger brand from RJR Nabisco in 1990.

Nestle introduced the Crunch bar in 1938. The original packaging consisted of a paper label covering the bar wrapped in aluminum foil, but newer packaging consists of a single plastic wrapper as of 2016. Each bar contains approximately 420 pieces of crisped rice. It takes about 50 minutes to make each bar from start to finish.

Boost contains 26 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and protein. It comes in five varieties, including a kids version, Boost Plus for weight gain, high protein, and glucose control. Boost is advertised as a meal replacement and an energy-packed snack.

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