What Are Some Negative Effects of Eating Fast Food?


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Eating fast food can cause cardiovascular disease and kidney problems, according to the Corporate International Accountability. The increasing incidence of these diseases in society prompted the American Academy of Pediatrics to recommend that the federal government put in place a national policy banning the sale of junk food to children.

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Fast foods typically contain high amounts of trans fats and sodium, which can cause cardiovascular diseases, explain Healthline. Trans fats don’t offer any benefit to the body, and accumulation of these fats raises the levels of low-density lipids, which form unhealthy cholesterol. Trans fats also reduce high-density lipids, which are beneficial to the body.

Too much sodium in the body makes the body retain water, and water retention contributes to an increase in blood pressure due to the buildup of fluid, notes Healthline. The condition becomes worse when there is an existing heart condition. High levels of sodium also contribute to an enlarged heart.

The high levels of sodium in fast foods overload the kidney, which further compromises the health of this vital pair of organs, reports Live Kidney Donation. Fast foods also contain high levels of proteins, calcium and phosphorus. Too much of these components triggers the formation of kidney stones in susceptible individuals.

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