What Are Some Naturally Salty Foods?


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Some naturally salty foods include meat and seafood. Eggs are also naturally salty. Dairy also includes natural salt content, as well as a few select vegetables.

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Meat and seafood contain a large amount of natural sodium. Ham is the saltiest of meats, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Database, with 300 milligrams of salt in two slices of chipped ham. Pork sausage contains 200 milligrams of sodium in a mere two links. Alongside pork, ground beef also contains a high natural sodium level. In a 3-ounce serving of ground beef, between 60 and 70 milligrams of sodium is present.

Eggs and dairy are also naturally salty. Eggs have 170 milligrams of sodium; this is mainly concentrated in the yolk. Nonfat, reduced fat and whole milk all contain 100 milligrams of sodium per cup, and plain yogurt has between 100 to 175 milligrams per serving, depending on the brand.

While vegetables are by far the healthiest of food choices, they also contain natural sodium. A single celery stalk has 30 milligrams, and one cup of greens contains 100 milligrams. There are 160 milligrams per cup of artichokes. However, many other vegetables are considered low-sodium foods, as long as additional salt is not added during the cooking process.

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